Hello everyone! It’s been some time since our last post, but anyway I’d like to show you a little project I was working on. So let’s look at how it went. Ok so first I took my notebook and made some sketches. First version should have had a big plane on the top of the […]


Hey there! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the new Adobe After Effects CS6 and I have to say it is pretty cool!¬†


Hey there! Today, we are bringing you the behind the scenes look at the ‘Snowball’ video as promised.


Hi everyone! As we announced on Facebook yesterday, our new video is complete! We’re trying to make at least one video per week, so here it is. The basic idea here was to make a funny video with a lot of snow that would look as realistic as possible – and I think we succeded.


Hi guys! As we announced on facebook, we’ve been working on a new video. This time we shot a New Year Video.


Hey everyone! As I promised, here’s our new color correction preset pack!


  Sometimes, when I ask people what effects do they use for the color corrections, they usually say Tint/Hue&Saturation in combination with Curves/Levels.


Hi everyone, recently I’ve been playing with my camera. I always wanted to try DOF close-up photos and this post is the result of my work.

MS Wallpaper

Hi, it’s unbelievable, but it’s true. Today is MotionStyle’s very first anniversary!


Hi! Last few weeks, we were working hard and doing many ¬†exciting things. Since now we can finally share some of them with you. In this update, I’ll start with our new After Effects preset.

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