Hey there! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the new Adobe After Effects CS6 and I have to say it is pretty cool! 


Hi! Last few weeks, we were working hard and doing many  exciting things. Since now we can finally share some of them with you. In this update, I’ll start with our new After Effects preset.

Mystery Egg

Hi! After a while, we’re bringing you some good news!

Valentine Templates

Hello there! It’s been a long time since the last update so we should start to show you some new stuff for 2011.

Devastating Storm

Hello, after quite a while I’m writing this little entry. You might be curious about what we have been doing before MotionStyle. The answer is simple, we were learning. Yeah that’s true. Also we tried to make some videos and today I decided to share them with you. Of course with Feedee’s permition.

Spaceship_Flare - PrimeGlow

PrimeGlow™ will be out really soon, however, we are still finding ways, how to make it more advanced and also easier to composite & adjust.

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