Hey there! Today, we are bringing you the behind the scenes look at the ‘Snowball’ video as promised.


Hi everyone! As we announced on Facebook yesterday, our new video is complete! We’re trying to make at least one video per week, so here it is. The basic idea here was to make a funny video with a lot of snow that would look as realistic as possible – and I think we succeded.


Hi guys! As we announced on facebook, we’ve been working on a new video. This time we shot a New Year Video.


Hi everyone, recently I’ve been playing with my camera. I always wanted to try DOF close-up photos and this post is the result of my work.


Hi guys after some time of peace we’re back with new video. As always, you can look forward to a short scene with humorous idea. But also in “kind of sadistic way”.


I wanted to explore more Bryce features, so I decided to create various scenes to demonstrate the other possibilities of this program.

The Frog Bang Theory

Hi, we have been studying the frogs on the recent biology lesson, so we decided to make a video about them.


Hi guys, we finally made something with our new camera. We were really looking forward to this moment because we bring you whole new MotionStyle. However our first real video – it’s nice feeling. Our idea was simple – make something quick and with lots of effects. I think we did it…

Mystery Egg

Hi! After a while, we’re bringing you some good news!

Devastating Storm

Hello, after quite a while I’m writing this little entry. You might be curious about what we have been doing before MotionStyle. The answer is simple, we were learning. Yeah that’s true. Also we tried to make some videos and today I decided to share them with you. Of course with Feedee’s permition.

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