Hey there! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the new Adobe After Effects CS6 and I have to say it is pretty cool!¬†


Hey there! Today, we are bringing you the behind the scenes look at the ‘Snowball’ video as promised.


Hi everyone! As we announced on Facebook yesterday, our new video is complete! We’re trying to make at least one video per week, so here it is. The basic idea here was to make a funny video with a lot of snow that would look as realistic as possible – and I think we succeded.


Hi! Today, I found this cool City Generator for Bryce.


Hi guys after some time of peace we’re back with new video. As always, you can look forward to a short scene with humorous idea. But also in “kind of sadistic way”.


I wanted to explore more Bryce features, so I decided to create various scenes to demonstrate the other possibilities of this program.

- black tea

Recently I could try a really nice 3D modeling program: XSI SoftImage. After some learning I tried to build my cup of tea. Almost succeded, here is the result.

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