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- black tea

Just a little try…

Hey all, just recently I had the opportunity to try a really nice 3D program. It’s called SoftImage XSI. I think that a lot of you may know this program. Anyway, I tried something.

I was sitting by my computer and was drinking a really delicious cup of tea – Black tea actually – and one nice thought crossed my mind. Why don’t try to make that cup of tea in 3D? So ¬†took XSI and started to learn how to use it.

And after several hours (seemed like forever to me) I finally completed my thought. But all of you should know, that I prefer 3DS Max or Blender so the XSI was a new one. I could say I succeded, but in compare to the real one… nothing fancy.
The XSI is very nice program and I get really friendly with it by now, but my trial version has expired so this was my only one and last try. Maybe in future I will get more deeper in this program, but I still like 3DS and Blender more.

So here is my few minute work in XSI, hope someone of you will add a comment.

- black tea

Lipton Yellow Label

3D Cup of tea

3D Cup – First – bad – try