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Auto-Orientation Preset

Hi! Last few weeks, we were working hard and doing many  exciting things. Since now we can finally share some of them with you. In this update, I’ll start with our new After Effects preset.

This preset is based on our Auto-Orientation expression, but it’s much easier to use and it has more possibilities:

1) First of all – you don’t have to be familiar with AE expressions at all.

2) You can orient the layer either towards the composition center or towards the target*.

3) When you are orienting the layer towards the target*, it doesn’t matter where you move the layer or the target.

4) You can control the orientation offset by one click and drag.

5) You can control the rotation offset at the meeting point* of the oriented layer and the target.

6) You can make the layer disappear when it meets the target.

7) Compatible with After Effects 7.0 and newer.

(*target: another layer that you orient your preset layer to)

(*meeting point: position of the layer = position of the target)

In the download file, you will find the Auto-Orient preset (extract to your After Effects preset folder) and the original Auto-Orient expression.

Download here.

Anyway, we hope this preset will become handy for you and your motion graphics.

Finally, keep your eyes on our blog  – there’s gonna be more exciting things going on soon.