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New video series

As you may have noticed, we’ve released a new video sketch last week.

ICYMI watch it here:


It’s the first part of the new CarFry video series that we’ll be gradually releasing over the course of the next few weeks. We’ll be releasing a total of 4 episodes this year (hopefully!) and we’ll most likely continue the series next year with up to 10 more episodes. Why a video series insted of a short film, you ask?

The current state of MotionStyle

Because of our duties outside of MotionStyle, the time we can focus on creating content is kind of limited. But we still wanna create as much of it as possible. That’s why we decided to go with a video series instead of a movie. It takes pretty much the same amount of work but instead of being silent for a long time and then releasing all our work on at once, we can do more regular releases without bigger pauses. With that said, we still have many short film ideas that we wanna tackle in the future, but for now, we just wanna go back to our roots of short funny video skits, that we’ll be hopefully able to release on a more regular basis. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more!