Presented by Novotass & Feedee


MotionStyle Design Studio is focused on visual effects, motion graphics and low-budget filmmaking. Our goal is to experiment with various techniques, so that we can provide some useful information for other beginning filmmakers, based on our real world projects. Our latest short film ‘THE ROUT’ is finally out (Check it out if you missed it!) and we will be posting some behind the scenes content in the near future. So stay tuned!

History and who we are

MotionStyle Design Studo was founded in 2010 by Novotass & Feedee. Our main intention is to share our creative work and also some useful tips & tricks connected with visual effects, motion graphics and filmmaking that could come in handy in many cases. MotionStyle has been our passion project and during last few years we were able to create many cool videos and one short film.


 Screenshots from our videos [2011 – 2018]